Oil Painting as a Gift for Special Occasions

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Gifting An Oil Painting to Someone Makes Them Treasure It Lifelong

Winning someone with a gift is a difficult task as you won’t know whether the person will love your gift or not.  However, a personalized gift, and that too if it is an oil painting then it will win anybody’s heart, for sure.

Artwork is a treasure

A piece of artwork is like a treasure for any artist or an aesthete. With time, what we treasure today can become invaluable tomorrow, but it is not the same with oil paintings. Any painting is treasured and remains valuable even after hundreds of years have passed. It does not matter whether the painting is a masterpiece or an ordinary portrait, it’s worth increases with time. As an example, it happened with the most famous paintings of a lifetime.

Therefore, when you gift canvas oil paintings, you are gifting them a treasure. Adding art to your work requires relatively little effort, especially if you ask for recommendations from experienced painters like Lana Zueva.

Lana Zueva is a Russian oil painting artist living in Australia, who was influenced by some renowned painters. Lana’s artworks illustrate her strong enthralment for atmosphere and light. She loves oil painting as it gives inspiration to her work. Through her artwork, she portrays her vision and subject matter.

Some of her beautiful collections that can be bought for gifting include Sunny kitten Oil Painting, Sparkles – Ocean Breeze Oil Painting, Country Flowers Oil Painting, Let’s Get Wet Beach oil painting, Launly Seagull on The Beach oil painting, to name a few. She has won the Highly Commended Award for her portrait “Sunny Bunny” in the Gold Coast Show 2021.

Lasts Lifetime

One of the things people wish while purchasing a gift is that it should last lifetime. Gifts like perfumes, garments, gadgets might lose their essence with time and become useless once the product is over or damaged.

Gifting an artwork like an oil painting gives an aesthetic appeal and does not fade away with time. The beauty of artwork shall remain forever. Moreover, if the painting is personalized or custom-made then it will be treasured for a lifetime. The only care you need is to dust off occasionally.

Paintings improve the quality of life

When you are gifting a canvas painting to enhance the home wall, you are improving the quality of life of the other person.

  • Paintings offer a soothing effect making you emotionally and mentally strong
  • If the painting is of your loved ones, it strengthens the bond between the family
  • Looking at a painting relieves you of anxiety, reduces stress, and makes you feel peaceful from within
  • It helps to stimulate your brain with eclectic feelings.

Paintings stimulate emotions

That fact that any painting whether it is a landscape, or a depiction of a popular painting offers a mesmerizing effect. You are gifting emotions to someone who is going to cherish them forever.

Different kinds of paintings evoke different emotions in people. Some paintings may make them nostalgic, and some can evoke serenity while some can make them feel energized. Any kind of painting brings happiness and uplifts the mood.

Therefore, an oil painting is a gift for anyone and for any occasion that brings pleasure and happiness.

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